Topic outline

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management


    • Short information about the program

      Programme title: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management

      The awarded qualification: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management (Sociālo zinātņu bakalaurs vadībzinātnē)

      Faculty: Faculty of Management and Economics 

      Study languages: Russian, English

      Duration of program: 4 years (8 semesters)

      Programme volume: 120 credit points

      Cost of education (semester): 550 euro

      Enrolment requirementsa document of general secondary education (general or special)

      Programme DirectorOksana Skorobogatova, Mg.oec.

      • What will student receive after graduation

        Students who have chosen the “Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management” program will learn to understand the needs of customers and the market; to develop strategies and policies for enterprises; to prepare business plans for the implementation of their own ideas.

        Basic competence:

        • economical, social and organizational indices describing production and management state, knowledge of analysis and generalization peculiarities; 
        • studies of modern methods in social economical diagnostics, skills of information obtaining and its processing;
        • skills to elaborate management decision versions and to justify the choice, taking into account criteria of social economical efficiency; 
        • skills to manage the staff, to make constant decisions concerning work improvement and management organization problems; 
        • skills to use computer equipment for management tasks' solution in user's mode; 
        • skills to implement social psychological coordination of staff, to elaborate social development programs; 
        • knowledge of the foreign languages; 
        • skills of obtaining new knowledge using modern educational technology.
        • Career opportunities

          Graduates can work in various business structures, public and private companies, in the banking sector, trade and manufacturing organizations, travel companies, insurance and audit companies, and create their own business.

          • Leading professors

            Dmitry Pavlyuk,Dr. oec.,

            Kozlovska Ieva, Ph.D. Oec. Can., Mg.oec.

            Oksana Skorobogatova, Mg.oec.