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Computer Sciences

These specialties are orientated to the fundamental, encyclopedic training of the professionals of the highest level of the widest range of computer science items. Carriers of these professions compile the elite of the worldwide computer community.

Transport and Logistics

The given programme is aimed to the training in the fields of one of the most modern specialities - logistics. The choice of the optimal routing, the effective type of transport, terminals and warehouses, nodelling of the complete chain of the cargo delivery and many other is a competence of the logistics specialist.


Modern economist should pass through all stages of professional growth: from the basics of entrepreneurship to the system analysis and the principles of management of large economic systems; from simple operations with financial indices to the construction of mathematical models of forecasting the company’s financial state.


Management is a dynamic element supporting organizational health and vitality. The investments and the financial rents, futures and options, diversifications and risks, hedging and forecasting ... You must be interested to know what it means.