Topic outline

  • Frequently asked questions about Distance Learning

  • The education process

    Distance learning at TSI takes place on virtual platform Moodle, and can be accessed by link – Personal access to the system takes place remotely through the Internet, and after special registration. After successful procedure of matriculation (admission to the institute), that can be done remotely (to apply future students of Distance learning do not have to come to the Institute), each student receives informational letters with all the instructions and necessary information. Every student of Distance learning, depending on the chosen education program, receives a tutor, with whom student communicates regarding any questions during the whole education period. In the beginning of every study semester students receive the information about the volume of semester, deadlines for acquisition and submission of necessary works, exams and tests, as well as other necessary information. The access to the informational resources of the educational courses is provided by the administrator, according to the semester plans, which students can see in their personal student cards. If needed, students receive remote access to the necessary software. Distance education at TSI is organized following module system. It means that study courses that have to be acquired during current semester will be connected following the specific schedule. After the deadline, students have to pass the exam/tests (the access to which is given after completion of all the requirements of the course) – on the specified date of the exam/test. After passing the exam/test, the access to the next study courses will be open. For successful completion and passing of the practical works, tests and exams in the Distance learning system TSI, the following features are used: automated testing in real-time mode, webinars, Skype-conferences and others. If desired, student can pass exams/tests in person. To do that students can come to Riga (invitations can be issued) Education ends with graduation work, which students defend in front of attestation commission. The defense takes place in person at the Institute in Riga and that can be done remotely.
    No, Externship in Latvia, as well as in Europe, is not allowed. The amount of credit points required by the study program reflects the amount of hours to acquire the course. 1 credit point equals 40 hours of learning. An exception can be if the student is acquiring his second/third education and provides the document to confirm it. In this case, come courses can be recognized regarding the amount of time.
    To defend the Diploma, according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, students have to be present at the Institute. At present, due to the introduced epidemiological restrictions, the defense of graduation paper is also carried out remotely, but with the condition of compliance strict requirements.
    The exam session takes place in E-learning, in a form of online tests, and in some cases, on Skype.
    You will receive a European degree diploma. All the programs of the Institute have passed the governmental accreditation.
    In the diploma the part-time distance learning form will be indicated
    • Technical requirements

      The applicant of TSI should have: 
      Personal computer with necessary Software. 
      Access to Internet to be able to study the materials, participation in learning tasks, completion of the tests and passing the exams. 
      E-mail address for communication with the administrator or Distant learning and to receive newsletters. Web-camera, microphone and speakers, connected to PC.
      Requirements for Internet speed*: 
      • For acquisition of learning materials, tests and practical works – unlimited access not less than 129 kBit/s 
      • For participation in webinars, video chats, video consultations and learning the video lectures in real life mode and passing the exams and tests – unlimited access not less than 1 Mbit/s 
       (* About characteristics of your tariff plan you can ask your Internet provider).
      Requirements for personal computer*: 
      • Personal or mobile computer with processor Intel Core2Duo/Core i3, 2,00 Ghz or higher 2GB ОЗУ or more, 10GB free space on hard drive for storage of the materials, Windows 7/8/Mac OS/Linux. 
      • Tablet with operational system IOS or Android, with speed of processor speed 1Ghz and higher, memory 1Gb and more, available free space on memory card 1Gb and more. 
      (* This data is informative).
      Requirements for software: 
       • Any internet browser. 
      • Free package of programs Adobe: AdobeReader X/AdobeFlash Player 11 or newer, can be downloaded following the link
      • Package for Java 7 or newer, can be downloaded following the link
      • Package of office programs Microsoft Office 2007/Open Office 3 or newer. 
      • Software for audio/video calls through Internet Skype 6 or newer, can be downloaded following the link.  
      • When working with Apple devices, macOS/IOS software, you need to install RDP client, downloaded following the link.